A front end project implementing the famous 'Time Circuits' console seen in the movie 'Back To The Future'

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Go Back In Time with HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery

NOTE: Project is under construction!

What is this?

This project looks like the time circuits from the Back To The Future movie.

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Thumbnail of screenshot from the movie Back To The Future.

Thumbnail of screenshot of app.

Thumbnail of screenshot of app.

Thumbnail of screenshot of app.

What does it do?

Why did I make this?

I wanted to do a project with broader appeal compared to the anime projects I made. (See my portfolio for those anime projects)

NOTE: There are a TON of Time Circuit projects already, including people making real life working props (google for those props, they are amazing). What makes mine different? I’m not relying on a direct screenshot to skin the box (I found a free metal mottled texture to use). The tech stack for mine is all front-end web related (other projects are native apps, like specifically for Windows, or just the iphone).

What technology skills were learned/retrieved?

Front End

What are this project’s limitations?